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"OPEN HORSE SHOWS AMERICA" - Wills began her publishing career with a small monthly bulletin for "Open Horse Shows America" (OHSA), a non-profit membership organization she founded in the 1970s in Houston, TX.  The OHSA bulletin included a list of upcoming OHSA approved shows, the results of each show, year-end point standings, horse reports, biographical features and various other horse-related information. OHSA approved shows were open to all breeds of horses and included performance and timed events.

"THE TEXAS & SOUTHERN QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL" - Betty later published a monthly Quarter Horse magazine "The Texas & Southern Quarter Horse Journal" (TSQHJ) which, in 1978, became the "official publication" of the newly formed Texas Quarter Horse Association (TQHA).  The magazine was eventually sold to them. It was during negotiations of the magazine becoming TQHA's "official publication" that Betty met her future husband Connie Dale Wills, one of the association's five founders.  

Texas Quarter Horse Association

"In Appreciation"

Connie Wills

"Texas Quarter Horse Assn. Founder"


Connie Dale Wills

(11/09/1934 - 12/02/2002) 

OHSA First Annual Year-End Award Banquet

September 27, 1977

Plaque and roses presented to Betty (Napoleon) Wills

"In recognition of her dedication and contribution to the horse industry as founder of "Open Horse Shows America", established in May 1976."

Dedicated to the Horse World


Left to right: Christine Devaney, Slim Smith, Jan Stallworth, and Betty Napoleon (Wills)

OHSA Bulletin
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