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Wills has created, written, produced and edited several specials for PBS broadcast and public outreach DVDs, often in cooperation with state and federal resource agencies including the USF&WS, Army Corps, BLM, National Geological Survey, and NOAA.  

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A Celebration of Horses: The American Saddlebred
with guest host William Shatner

Narrated by David Henry

A candid, behind-the-scenes look at William Shatner and his American Saddlebred horses. The American Saddlebred episode aired on PBS and was slated as the pilot for Wills' proposed series, A Celebration of Horses.  The program features the history of the breed, as well as training, showing, breeding and raising American Saddlebreds. It ends with the World Championship competition between two legendary performers: Ch. Skywatch and Ch. Imperator in head-to-head competition at Freedom Hall.

A Vanishing Melody: The Call of the Piping Plover

Narrated by James Drury

A one-hour public outreach special that aired on PBS in an effort to make people aware of the plight of piping plovers, a small migratory shorebird known to winter in the coastal regions of the Gulf Of Mexico, scattered Caribbean Islands, and the Atlantic Coast from North Carolina to Mexico.  They migrate north in the spring to breed and nest in open, sparsely vegetated areas near the water, such as river sandbars, prairie sloughs and alkali wetlands, sandy beaches, and sand and gravel shorelines.  Human encroachment has destroyed much of their habitat causing piping plovers to be listed as a federally threatened species (ESA).

One Good Tern Deserves Another

Narrated by Leslie Merrill

A one-hour public awareness special that aired on PBS to help make people more aware of the plight of least terns. The interior least tern was listed as a federally endangered species in 1985, and remains a species of concern because of its low numbers, and the degradation of habitat in certain areas throughout its range. The DVD was initially produced with cooperation from various state and federal resource agencies. It features the biology and life history cycle of least terns and also explores the reasons for its declining populations.

America's Crayfish: Crawling In Troubled Waters

Narrated by Paul Lancaster


BOOKLIST - selected as Best Of Editors’ Choice for the year 2000 — Jan 2001 Issue​

A comprehensive look at the biology of crayfish, and their popularity as a commercial food source.

*The Gulf Sturgeon
*Lake Sturgeon: Dinosaurs of the Great Lakes
*Sturgeons of the Mississippi River Drainage

Narrated by Leslie Merrill

These 3 half-hour educational DVDs together with the PBS documentary, Sturgeon: Ancient Survivors of the Deep, comprise part of the "Exotic & Unusual Fishes" series for broadcast on PBS, as well as the 4-Volume Sturgeon Video Library.  Each program focuses on the biology and life history cycle of the respective species and explores species-specific range and reasons for their declining populations.

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