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Nielsen Ratings for July 22, 1995 showing Alligator Gar:Predator or Prey #1 for evening.


Wills began her television career in the 80s as a scriptwriter for Criterion Productions in Dallas, TX.  She wrote feature scripts for: "On The Right Track", a weekly cable series about Thoroughbred horse racing.  She also scripted features for "The Travel Show" on the newly introduced Travel Channel, as well as 5 minute biographical features for the "Financial News Network". She later created and produced 2 weekly television series of her own, and was also contracted to do the post-production work for a 3rd weekly series.


  • "Water Sports Weekly" a half-hour weekly program that included a sport's news segment in studio with talent, coverage of various water sporting events, a new product segment, and informative features with celebrities.  For example, Jimmy Dean was a guest at Wills' studio in The Studios of Las Colinas complex (Irving, TX). He talked about the construction of his new yacht "Big Bad John" which Water Sports Weekly had been covering as a feature segment for "The World of Yachting" series.  "Water Sports Weekly" introduced a unique new format to the Home Sports Entertainment (HSE) line-up.

  • "Trinity Meadows TV" Wills' 2nd television series aired on Gaylord superstation KTVT, which transmitted its signal nationally to 400 cable systems as well as to C-band satellite subscribers.  The series aired on Saturday mornings at 10 am prior to the horse races at Trinity Meadows Race Track.  The show included handicapping and feature segments.

  • "Hoof Beats"Wills was contracted to do the post production work for a 3rd television series entitled "Hoof Beats" which was a one-hour weekly program that included coverage of horse show events and features.  It also aired on KTVT on Saturday mornings. 

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